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  • Stop Throwing Your Money Away!Your hard earned money stretches further with our pre-negotiated Member deals.
  • We Believe In GreenBuying long lasting quality items instead of replaceable cheaper items leaves a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Time for a New Computer?Brand names that you trust at amazing deep discounts for our Club members. New and Refurbished.
  • Get the Best for Less!Buy higher end items at lower prices! (Wholesale, employee pricing or below)
  • Never Pay Retail Again!Club Concierge Members enjoy DEEP DISCOUNTS at local and national stores and service providers.
  • Shop in the same storesThe only difference is that you will pay less than the person in line behind you!
  • Sweet Dreams!Club Members enjoy Special pricing on brand name mattresses, bedding, furniture, decor, flooring and more!
  • Freshen up your HomeSpecial Member pricing on brand name furniture, decor, paint, flooring and more will transform your family room!
  • We are at your service!Our ClubAssist Co-ordinators can answer your questions & help you find what you are looking for. (via telephone, online chat, support ticket or email)
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  • The Envy of your FriendsGame night will be at your house from now on thanks to Club Concierge's Special deals on all your audio and video needs.
  • Feel like a V.I.P.Club Concierge Members get Access to Sold Out Concerts, Sporting Events, Theatre and more!
  • Membership has it's Privileges.Club Concierge is now available to YOU!
  • Escape!  Take a BreakEnjoy Special Member rates and perks on all inclusive vacations, cruises and other getaways!
  • Membership - The best purchase you will ever make.During our 2013 Membership Drive, you can become a member at a great rate.
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  • Celebrate more often!Treat your family and friends at one of our many Show Your Card restaurants!
  • The Dream KitchenFrom Appliances to the Kitchen Sink Club Members receive special wholesale pricing and more
  • We Believe in ChangeEvery Membership purchased supports our Make a Difference Program. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi
  • Get the Best for Less!Buy higher end items at lower prices! (Wholesale, employee pricing or below)
  • See the World on your termsLive the LifeStyle. Preferred Pricing, Preferred Privileges
  • You've arrived at Club Concierge!Become a Member Today!
  • Your Employees will LOVE you!Membership in Club Concierge is the Ultimate Luxury Employee Benefit at a price you can't beat.
  • Don't wait for Sales!Club Concierge deals are available EVERYDAY! No need to wait for sales!
  • Tell us where you shop!We are always looking to add businesses on our Partner In Profit Program. Tell us your favorite shop, restaurant etc. and we will contact them.
  • Indulge…Relax…Pamper Yourself!There are salons, spas, retail stores and wellness centres across the country that offer Club Concierge Members great deals on a huge variety of beauty, fitness, alternative health services.
  • A Wedding to Remember!Save hundreds or thousands of dollars on your wedding expenses. From flowers and limos to banquet halls and photographers and much more!
  • Canada's Best Kept Secret!Club Concierge has been serving it's members since 2001. We are 100% Canadian owned.
  • The power is in the card!Save Everywhere! Use your Membership Card to access our special Members pricing at all of our Show Your Card locations
  • Upgrade your RideGet the vehicle of your dreams! Pay less than employee pricing at all major car dealerships.
  • Enjoy the great outdoors in style!Patio furniture, barbeques, pools, decor and more at Special Member pricing.
  • Talk To Us Now!Service! Online or Live? The choice is yours. We are not just an online membership club. Call Us Now! 1-866-991-4844
  • Relax, Sit Back - You Deserve ItGet cozy with Club Concierge's Special Member pricing on furniture for your home.
  • Imagine owning the BestImagine owning the latest, newest high tech electronics! As a Club Concierge Member you will be able to afford the latest electronic devices, cameras and gadgets.
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Club Concierge Members get
that are not available to the general public
from Local and National Merchants.

We are pleased to welcome you as a potential new member of Club Concierge. You have just taken the first step on your journey towards an improved lifestyle and successful future. You are now entitled to the benefits and privileges that come with membership, unlocking the doors to corporate and personal buying power.


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Club Concierge is proudly 100% Canadian

Serving our Members since 2001.
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Full Customer Service Dept.
  • Knowledgeable ClubAssist agents are ready to assist you via Telephone (toll free), Email or Online Ticket System.
  • Members toll free HOT Line 1 888 xxx-xxxx
  • Online LIVE Help Desk
  • Online Ticket Support System


Personalized Membership Card
  • Unique "Key Card" Personalized with your name for use at our Show Your Card locations
  • Additional cards are available for family members for a nominal fee


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Members Only Directory
  • 24/7 Online Merchant listings including offer details, contact and purchase information
  • Browse by Category, Keyword(s) or Location
  • Search for Merchants in your Postal Code
  • Google Maps identify merchant location
  • Classified Ads feature Special Member Deals
  • Rate the Merchants and give us feadback
  • Suggest new merchants
  • Access from PC, Tablet or Cell Phone


Online Help Desk Ticket System
  • Track all your pricing requests and correspondence with the Club via your member support area in the Members Only Website
  • Instant email verification that Ticket request was received
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Flexible Membership Dues
  • We use the most secure payment method on the web - Pay Pal
  • Pay Pal accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, or pay from your bank account!
  • Convenient monthly payments - Cancel anytime
  • Annual - at special discounted rates
  • Special group bulk rates for Employers, Associations, Unions
Club Email Blasts

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  • All the New Partners
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. .
You Control the Merchants
  • Our Members control who we allow on the program by giving us feedback on service and value
  • Help shape your membership by suggesting which New Merchants we add to the program


National Stores
  • Brand Name National Retailers and Wholesalers across Canada
  • Buy Directly from National Stores
  • Wide Variety of Products and Services
  • Furniture, Appliances, Electronics, Computers, Paint & Wallpaper, Tires & more
  • Pay the store directly! We do not handle your money.
  • Use the store payment methods and delivery setups
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New Cars
  • Purchase directly from the dealerships
  • Hassle free - by pass the Sales staff - Deal with fleet managers or dealership owners
  • Pay Fleet buying rates (below employee pricing)
  • Get any other company incentives as well
  • Buy or Lease
  • Suggest dealerships local to your home to add onto our program
Special Rates with Professionals
  • Pay less than the general public
  • Lawyers, Accountants, Health Practitioners and more!


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Local Stores "Show your Card"
  • Save Big at Hundreds of local stores and shops across Canada
  • Look for our Club Concierge window stickers at participating partners
  • Identify yourself as a Member by offering your "Key Card" to the cashier, waitress, etc.
  • Tell us where you shop and help get your favourite shop, restaurant, etc. on our program


Make a Difference
Do You Believe In Miracles?
You are a Part of One Now!

Club Concierge donates a portion of every membership sold to our Make a Difference Program

All of us wish that we could do something Big, something Impactful with our Lives.
We all want to Leave a Legacy that we can be Proud of.
Something that says, We Were Here and We Made a Real Difference!

Well this is your Chance! We Are Doing This Together!

The Club Concierge Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Organization dedicated to bringing New Hope to the World by proving that anyone can Make A Difference and help Change the World.

Club Concierge delivers hundreds of blankets to New Delhi Leper colonies... read story here

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Consumer Advocate

These days when you buy a product or service, you will discover, in most cases, that you are on your own. You have to depend on the good will of the company.

Here, at Club Concierge, you have the support of our company. Our Buying Power will back you up and help you settle any issues that you may encounter.

Make Money

If you love our services then you will tell everyone.

We pay you for helping to build our buying power. Your members support area contains a custom affiliate link that tells us when someone you referred visits or buys a membership. You Get Paid!

  • Full live tracking
  • Personalized URLlink
  • Banners for your website
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It only takes a few purchases for Club Concierge Savings to add up...

Savings Calculator

Discover just how much you and your family can save using our Club Concierge Partners

Your Estimated
Yearly Savings:


*The above savings are
only estimates.
Actual savings results may
vary by region and Country.

Club Concierge has many more categories that we are not able to enter into the calculator due to fluctuating prices.

  Monthly Average
 # of times you eat out for lunch
 # of times you eat out for dinner
 # of times you order pizza or take out
 # of games of minigolf, laser tag, or bowling etc.
 # in Dollar$ - spent on beauty salons & products
 # in Dollar$ - spent on Health and Dental Insurance
 # in Dollar$ - spent on health products & services
  Yearly Expected Purchases
 # of hotel nights
 # of days on a cruise
 # of times you send flowers
 # in Dollar$ - spent on glasses / eyewear
 # in Dollar$ - spent on paint & supplies
 # in Dollar$ - spent on Professional Services - Lawyers, Accountants, Home Inspectors etc.
 # in Dollar$ - spent on Tires
 # in Dollar$ - spent on Car Rentals
  Major Purchases you would like to make over the next year
 # in Dollar$ - Appliances
 # in Dollar$ - Furniture
 # in Dollar$ - Electronics (Cameras, Televisions, HomeTheatre, Stereos)
 # in Dollar$ Mattresses
 # in Dollar$ New Cars
 # in Dollar$ 2nd Home Computer or Laptop
  Monthly -  Business Expenses
 # in Dollar$ - Website Hosting Fees
 # in Dollar$ - Office Supplies
 # in Dollar$ - Office Furniture (Averaged over a year)
 # in Dollar$ - Office Equipment (Averaged over a year)
  • The Concept
  • Partner In Profit
  • Make a Difference
  • Contact
  • F.A.Q.'s
About Club Concierge - More than a vision, more than a concept!

The Challenge

Manufacturers and suppliers know the complexity involved ... with exposing a new product or service to the marketplace, and the huge financial costs and time involved in a product launch, advertising, and even sales staff.

Business and retail consumers are always on the look out to save money and still get good value. Without volume buying the real savings are small and hard to find, and the time involved can even negate the savings that are found.

The Solution

Club Concierge knew that the future was in supplying information, combined with a knowledgeable customer service team, therefore, saving both money and time, for the consumer and the supplier.

Club Concierge Corp. had it own unique idea. They would present suppliers with a unique corridor to direct contact with their ultimate consumer, saving them thousands of dollars in overhead. And in return, suppliers would reward them, by sharing the profit with their members via special corporate or wholesale pricing. In turn Club Concierge would gain loyal members, renewing year after year.

A win-win situation for all involved.

This lead to the birth of the Club Concierge program we see here today!

The Team

In the history of booming enterprises, that have witnessed rapid growth, many have neglected vital infrastructure and adopted a short-term view to investment and development.

The infrastructure adopted by Club Concierge however, is unique, they carefully hand picked a selection of key executives, who had a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience to handle the demands of a rapidly rising company.

This is the framework that has shaped the Club Concierge of today.

Of course, we must not forget the infrastructure of the management personnel consisting of the Club Assist Coordinators, Affiliation Teams, Web and Publication Designers, and Administrators. Their commitment, to Club Concierge, is probably the most superb illustration of teamwork in the world today. In fact In this fast paced world of communications and technology, we never loose sight of the fact that our people are the true driving force behind the company.

The Future

"We are very excited about the future. The buzz is out there! Big named companies are now coming to us, recognizing the value of our services", President of Marketing said, "Our Members are buyers not browsers they know what they want and expect value for their dollar and that's what we provide, Value and Service, Guaranteed!"

"This is just the beginning, as our membership base grows? so does our buying power? Imagine, using that power to ensure you never pay retail prices again for anything. Just imagine! How would that could change your life?"

You've Arrived! At Club Concierge!

The Club Concierge Partners in Profit Program

One Question For You...
If we send our members to you and not your competition,
can you offer them a Special Price or Added Value that you do not give to the general public?

Yes or No?

If you answered "YES" then we want to talk to you.
This Program has been highly successful for 6 years and is now expanding into many new communities
across the country. As long as you can provide a Special Price and give outstanding service to our members, we will send you New Customers at absolutely "No Cost to You" No Gimmicks
A Win-Win-Win for all of us.
Partners-Members-Club Concierge

To see if your Business Qualifies and Secure your Territory before your Competition does
...Call us Right Now at 1-866-991-4844 or visit us at
Do You Believe In Miracles?

You Can Be a Part of One Now!
All of us wish that we could do something Big, something Impactful with our Lives.
We all want to Leave a Legacy that we can be Proud of.
Something that says, We Were Here and We Made a Real Difference!

A portion of every membership sold goes to help Make a Difference. read more at

Club Concierge Canada Corp.



Partners In Profit - Merchant Inquiries

Make a Difference Program

Get The Best For Less!
Feel The Power
 How do I access my discounts?

Discounts can be accessed in a variety of methods. Each Partner lists the method that they accept on-line in the members only section.

1. Simply show your key card at participating business

2. Via customer service

3. Direct on-line purchase

Is my membership tax deductible?

Yes! Memberships used for business or professional use are usually tax deductible. Please check with your accountant to be sure you qualify.

Who can become a member?

Membership is exclusive, and by invitation only! Qualifications include being a member of a participating Professional Group or association, Union, or Business. Recently we have extended the membership to friends and family of existing members.

NOTE: During our 2013 membership drive individuals may purchase via the online system.

Can I renew my membership?

Yes! If you are either:

Individual Member with a current membership

Current member of a participating association, union or professional group.

Current employee or owner of participating business, you may apply for membership renewal on a yearly or monthly basis

What is the average discount I will get?

Discounts vary from product to product. Items like computers have a very small profit margin, allowing an average of 10%. While items like mattresses, office supplies, even tires allow a larger discount up to 60%. Club Concierge will endeavor to ensure the discounts at each establishment and business will be a better discount then they offer the general public. As our membership grows , so does our buying power!

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes! You can cancel at any time. Within the first 10 days your membership is completely refundable.

Can my family use the benefits?

Yes! A maximum of 3 Sub Cards are available for qualifying family member for a nominal fee.

What if you don't have the items available that I'm looking for?

Simply call, fax, or e-mail our Club Assist Co-coordinators all the information on the product or service you require. Our affiliation team, on your behalf, will endeavor to acquire the proper Partner.

Do the companies Partnered with the Club change?

Yes! Club Concierge is always on the lookout for new and better deals for our members. If an Partner fails to provide good quality products and service at the agreed rates, they will be removed from our listings.

How many companies are on board right now?

Currently there are hundreds of companies and thousands of products and services available. We have a never ending list of companies being added to the program based upon the needs of our membership. To get the most up to date information on Partners please use your members only web access or call customer service for assistance. 1-888-856-4246

Are there Partners in other cities?

Yes! We have a number of Partners that service the entire Country. These are known as National Partners. As we expand our membership we are adding Local Partners (local neighborhood stores and shops) to our listings. Should you need the services in an area that we have not yet expanded locally, simply contact the affiliation dep’t for assistance.

What happens if a company doesn't honor the card?

We hope this will never happen as we have solid legal contracts with each Partner listed. make all efforts to keep their staff educated on our membership


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Our Members Speak!

"I will NEVER pay retail again now that I've found Club Concierge!"
~ Daniel W
Vancouver BC

"I was able to afford great new furniture for my new house because of the deep discounts with my Club Membership!"
~ Brenda S
Hamilton ON

Radio show interview

"Stay Tuned- Coming This Week"

"Every time I use my Membership Card I know I'm paying LESS than the guy in line behind me!"
~ Glen W, Toronto ON

"I wanted to brag about the deal Club Concierge got me on my brand new Chevy Malibu. I paid $2300.00 LESS than my friend paid for the exact same car!"
~ Fred S, Vaughan ON

"My favorite restaurant got on the Partner Program.
Now I save 20% OFF all my food purchases there!"
~ Patti L, Brampton ON

“The ClubAssist Coordinators are amazing ! When I call they make me feel important and quickly handle all my needs. When I show my card at the restaurants, they smile and take 20% off my bill. My friends are all impressed with my new power."
~ Kim H, Mississauga ON

"I never pay FULL price anymore! I've learned there's a better way...Club Concierge!"
~ Colleen B, Calgary AB


Here are the Straight Goods

Membership is by Invitation Only - You must have been Invited, Gifted a membership, or part of an Association or Employee Plan.

All Memberships come with a 10 day unconditional Money Back Guarantee

We made it an even more no-brainer to join.

  1. one time registration fee from $199.99
  2. Monthly fee of $20.00
  3. Or choose the annual membership it's now just $200 for the entire year.

So WHY are we so much cheaper than our competitiors?

Our goal is to increase the membership base and therefore increase our buying power. That's it!
No catches.

Join now or give us a call for a quick chat.

This is your Chance Today!
Join today and help us to build a better tommorrow for us all.

Did you visit us at the Home Show?
Enter your promotional code at the check out window to save.

Missing your promotional code? Call us at 1-866-991-4844
or email us at and we
will take care of you.

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