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The Club Cconcierge Foundation is a Not for Profit Organization dedicated to bringing New Hope to the World
by proving that anyone can "make a difference" and change the world


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Do You Believe In Miracles?

You Can Be a Part of One Now!

All of us wish that we could do something Big, something Impactful with our Lives.
We all want to Leave a Legacy that we can be Proud of.
Something that says, We Were Here and We Made a Real Difference!

Well Here Is your Chance! We Can Do This Together!

The Club Concierge Foundation and YOU WILL bring about that Miracle – for real!

Look for more info over the next few weeks including pictures and stories of our recent trip to India.

This is a view of the surrounding area of a leper colony in the heart of New Delhi, India. There is no where for them to live except in aplace no one else wants. Begging is the main source of income for survival so the big cities are the most attractive, but also the most dangerous.

Playing with the children at Leper colony in New Delhi, India. It was a cold day, had dropped to 2 degrees celcius the night before. Look in the background to see the blankets were able to donate to the colony. What an amazing feeeling it was to actually do something however small.


Just recently we have been working closely with Her Grace, Maa Shyama and her Leper Colony in New Deli, India. There are between 420 and 500 people living within these colony, that now has it's own medical clinic. She has created a system that has given Dignity, Health, and Purpose back to the Children and Elderly people that society had left to beg for their very existence in the dirty streets of Deli. She supplies them with food, clothing, medicine, and compassion. She has removed 7 young girls between the ages of 8-12 from begging in the streets. Instead of living a Life of Abuse, they now are SAFE and learning of new possibilities.

Come and hear her stories and see pictures of the actual people that we will be helping. Discover for yourself that it really is possible to Make A Difference!