About Club Concierge
"More than a vision, more than a concept!"

The Challenge

Manufacturers and suppliers know the complexity involved ... with exposing a new product or service to the marketplace, and the huge financial costs and time involved in a product launch, advertising, and even sales staff.

Business and retail consumers are always on the look out to save money and still get good value. Without volume buying the real savings are small and hard to find, and the time involved can even negate the savings that are found.

The Solution

Club Concierge knew that the future was in supplying information, combined with a knowledgeable customer service team, therefore, saving both money and time, for the consumer and the supplier.

Club Concierge Corp. had it own unique idea. They would present suppliers with a unique corridor to direct contact with their ultimate consumer, saving them thousands of dollars in overhead. And in return, suppliers would reward them, by sharing the profit with their members via special corporate or wholesale pricing. In turn Club Concierge would gain loyal members, renewing year after year.

A win-win situation for all involved.

This lead to the birth of the Club Concierge program we see here today!

The Team

In the history of booming enterprises, that have witnessed rapid growth, many have neglected vital infrastructure and adopted a short-term view to investment and development.

The infrastructure adopted by Club Concierge however, is unique, they carefully hand picked a selection of key executives, who had a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience to handle the demands of a rapidly rising company.

This is the framework that has shaped Club Concierge's World Vision.

Of course, we must not forget the infrastructure of the management personnel consisting of the Club Assist Coordinators, Affiliation Teams, Web and Publication Designers, and Administrators. Their commitment, to Club Concierge, is probably the most superb illustration of teamwork in the world today. In fact In this fast paced world of communications and technology, we never loose sight of the fact that our people are the true driving force behind the company.

The Future

(From a 2002 interview with the President)
"We are very excited about the future. The buzz is out there! Big named companies are now coming to us, recognizing the value of our services". "Our Members are buyers not browsers they know what they want and expect value for their dollar and that's what we provide, Value and Service, Guaranteed!"

Cowan goes on to say, "This is just the beginning, as our membership base grows, so does our buying power. Imagine in the near the future, using that power to ensure you never pay retail prices again for anything. Not just in Ontario but right across the Country. As a member, just imagine, how would that change your life?

"The Future is Now! We are poised to launch our Executive Level Employee Loyalty Program to samll and medium businesses. This program will give the smaller companies access to a program only affordable to the larger corporations. Never Paying Retail is a current reality for our members and their lives have changed forever" Steve Cowan says, "We have expanded beyond our wildest dreams adding value of everyday savings all the way to our VIP level and Business services."

The Club offers members "the better things in life for less", as well as the added value of everyday items all pared together with the best Concierge Style Service. Life Will Never Be The Same!

You've Arrived! At Club Concierge!

* Please note: Completing an application does not ensure the acceptance of any Partner (Affiliate) Agreement. All applicants undergo strict review criteria.

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