Get Started - It's Easy

Step One
Decide a discount and/or added value you can offer our members. Something you do not offer the general public.

- Discount needs to be big enough to attract our members but not so big as to hurt your bottom dollar. Similar to employee discount, commercial/trade/jobber pricing or wholesale.
- Offer can be customized with different levels to group of products or services and can be modified at any time.

Step Two
Decide how you would like our members to access your products and/or services

-Show Your Card: This method is for merchants and service providers that have a public office or store front. Merchant displays a Club Concierge window decal on the entrance door or window.
Members identify themselves by showing their Membership ID Card and merchant applies the special offer to the price. Any special times or instruction can be listed online.

- Online Purchase: This method is for merchants that primarily use online for payment. Merchant provides a special web link, coupon code or promotional code to our members. Access is through our password protected members only web site.

- ClubAssist: Some of our large National Partners and Wholesalers prefer to have all calls and purchase inquiries screened by our customer service department. Our ClubAssist would take the initial inquiry from our member and pass on the information to the appropriate people at your company. This ensures a seamless, transparent purchase transaction . We act as your liaison between your staff and our members, so no extra personnel is needed to fulfill the order and no extra cost to you.

Step Three
Fill out an application, either online or by downloading.
Online Application
Download Application

Thats It!
We will review your application and contact you about any changes or clarifations needed. Once this is done we will do a write up for your company and sent to you for approval.

Note: If you are a store or shop that will allow members to show their card you will be given a window sticker to apply on your door or window.

The Club Concierge Partners in Profit Program
Available to select businesses in a variety of categories

We make our income strictly from the membership fees paid by Satisfied Members.

* We are NOT a Discount COUPON company. Our members will present their personalized membership card before ordering.

* Please note: Completing an application does not ensure the acceptance of any Affiliate Agreement. All applicants undergo strict review criteria.

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