The Club Concierge Partners in Profit Program

One Question For You...

If we send our members to you and not your competition,
can you offer them a Special Price or Added Value
that you do not give to the general public?

Yes or No?

If you answered "YES" then we want to talk to you.

This Program has been highly successful for 6 years and is now expanding
into many new communities around the globe. As long as you can provide
a Special Price and give outstanding service to our members, we will send
you New Customers at absolutely "No Cost to You"
No Gimmicks

A Win-Win-Win for all of us.
Partners-Members-Club Concierge

To see if your Business Qualifies
and Secure your Territory before your Competition does
...Call us Right Now at 1-866-991-4844

Available to select businesses in a variety of categories

Also please feel free to browse this site for more detailed information on Club Concierge's Partners in Profit Program and the many ways it will benefit you. From New Customers, Free Directory Listing, Display in Company Newsletters and Events, to National or International Exposure, we are here to benefit our membership and you.

Some Quick Facts

* Our Special Member Offers made with our Partners are not available for the public to see. They are accessible by members only within their password protected members site and through our ClubAssist department via telephone or email.

* Should your situation change, you can cancel or revise your offer at any time
by simply calling or emailing us at the Club.

* We make our income strictly from the membership fees paid by Satisfied Members.
* We are NOT a Discount COUPON company. Our members will present their personalized membership card before ordering.

* Please note: Completing an application does not ensure the acceptance of any Partner (Affiliate) Agreement. All applicants undergo strict review criteria.

Call now to find out how your company can benefit from this unique program
available only with Club Concierge Corp. @ 1-866-991-4844
or toll free at 1-866-991-4844
or email